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Moonlight Spring Summer 2020

Moonlight Spring Summer 2020

It presents a stylized, dynamic and sculptural silhouette, of simple and refined lines. A sequence of pieces that reconnect emotions, feelings and memories. Robin Morales’s Spring Summer 2020 tells us a story through images of Italian history, culture and beauty. Flashes of Venice and portraits of women by Giovanni Boldini inspire this season that exudes beauty and glamour. Aimed at a dynamic, cosmopolitan woman with a lot of personality. The collection is marked by a romantic and glamorous spirit, constituting a proposal of opposites that mix in total harmony just where successful overlays and heterogeneous patterns are established in a crescendo of creativity.

The colors black, blue and earth tones, together with its diverse range, preside over the capsule for this new season, a silhouette that declines in a functional, chic and severe key. At the same time: light dresses, necklines on the back, evanescent long and short skirts, wide pants and suit jackets, which are feminized with organza, chiffon, silk taffeta and unique accessories. Being a contemporary look that evokes a relevant atmosphere, projecting elegance without stridency alien to changing fashions.